Cybercriminals are evolving. Are you?

Cybercriminals are uncovering new ways to exploit organizations, fine tuning their operations to target data with the most value, such as medical records. While classic attacks like DDoS and POS malware continue to be favoured forms of criminal activity—due, largely, to the fact many organizations continue to lack adequate security fundamentals and resources to effectively defend against them—newer techniques, such as mobile overlay malware, are also gaining popularity.

In this webinar, Cybercriminals are evolving. Are you?, Diana Kelley, Executive Security Advisor with IBM X-Force, will discuss findings from the latest IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Report. The webinar will focus on:

  • Macro trends affecting the IT industry
  • New attack techniques
  • Tangible strategies to protect your digital assets in the face of evolving threats  

To protect your organization’s data, you must first understand the risks. Join us on Wednesday, November 23rd, to uncover the capabilities of today’s cybercriminals—and learn how to thwart their plans of attack.

About the Panelists

Diana Kelley

Michele Lajeunesse

Executive Director



Executive Security Advisor

IBM X-Force


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